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Welcome to our portfolio of Bhutan Travel & Landscape Photography

Bhutan is a beautiful part of the world to visit. It was so different to what I was expecting. It truly feels like you are stepping back in time. It is a country dragging its heals with its moving into the 21st century. Bhutan has a beautiful countryside but its the people and the culture that is most interesting, and ultimately what is your best subject for photography in a place like this. The people are so friendly and so proud of their local heritage and traditions. It is also the last true Kingdom on the planet.

Prayer Flags - Bhutan Landscape Photography     Punakha Dzong - Bhutan Travel & Landscape Photography     Monk in Bhutan - Bhutan Landscape Photography

Young Monk - Bhutan Landscape Photography     Bhutan Monastery - Bhutan Travel & Landscape Photography     Novice monks - Bhutan Landscape Photography

Bhutanese Monk - Bhutan Travel & Landscape Photography     Rhesus Macaque - Bhutan Landscape Photography     Trongsa Dzong - Bhutan Landscape Photography

Laye Monk - Bhutan Landscape Photography     Phobjikha Valley - Bhutan Landscape Photography     Bumthang Bhutan - Bhutan Landscape Photography

Tigers Nest Bhutan - Bhutan Landscape Photography

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