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Kamchatka is an amazing place to visit as a photographer. It is a true unspoilt wilderness which is still hard to reach for the most part. The region is littered with volcanos, forests and vast tundra. But the most amazing thing about Kamchatka is the many thousands of bears that roam the land. These gentle giants which are considered for the most part not to be a threat to humans, are the reason why I wanted to travel to this lesser known part of the world. Not even in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I could photograph a wild brown bear weighing in up to 650kg, from only meters away. It was a truly unique experience and one that cannot be fully described to someone that hasn’t been there. I hope you enjoy the photos in my Kamchatka portfolio.

Wild Brown Bears  Sleeping Brown Bear  The Wanderer KCHTFH0011 Divi Tab  Volcanos and Bears  The Prize KCHTFH0009 Divi Tab  Territory Wars KCHTFH0004 Divi Tab  Kamchatka Bears  Kamchatka Bears  Kamchatka Bears  Brown Bear swimming  Kamchatka Bears  Kamchatka Bears  Kamchatka Bears  Kamchatka Bears

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