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Quick Check List

  • Artwork is best view at eye level
  • Use a level when marking your hangers
  • Always use 2 people to hang prints
  • Always use caution when hanging prints

Hanging Hooks

Make sure to use the correct hanging hooks for the rich surface.

These are some examples of gyprock hooks. Be sure to use hanging hooks with the proper weight for your framed print or acrylic face mount.

D-Ring Hanging System

Your artwork comes with two d-Rings secured to the back of your artwork.


Positioning Your Hanging Hooks

  1. Measure the width between the two D-Rings
  2. Then measure the top of the frame to your D-Rings. Mark on the wall where your measurements are and where you want the artwork positioned. Those two marks will be where you will place your hanging hooks.

Never string wire between to two D-Rings

If you do this with a wire, it will break the D-Rings and seperate the corner joints of your frame. Always use caution when hanging heavy frames. We recommend having separate hanging points ; each D-Ring should hook onto a picture hanger and/or anchor that is secured into a mounted surface.


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