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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find some questions from people just like yourself. We will provide the answers as best we can. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding, prints, framing, workshops, private lessons or booking Danny Irvine for a commercial project. The more frequent questions will then be added to this page in order to have a place where others can find answers to their questions quickly. Thank you in advance for all of your questions.

One what type of printer are Danny's images printed?

All of Danny’s images are printed on a large format Epson 9900 inkjet printer. The combination of this high quality printer, pigment inks and the archival paper that Danny uses delivers amazing results that will look great on your wall and last for many years for you to enjoy.

What type of camera does Danny use?

Danny is a Nikon user through and through. Danny has been using Nikon DSLR’s and Nikkor lenses for many years. The dynamic range that Nikon cameras offer is second to none. This is so important to Danny when he is trying to capture all of the amazing detail in the landscapes and seascapes that he is photographing. The lighting in the scene is often very challenging and the Nikon cameras are always up to the task. Find out more about Danny’s camera gear HERE.

Are these photos manipulated in Photoshop

This is a question that comes up from time to time. Danny shoots on high resolution Nikon DSLR’s and he captures his images in a RAW format. Because of the nature of a RAW file, this needs to be processed with some form of software to turn it into a useable image. This RAW file is a lifeless image lacking contrast, colour and sharpness to a certain degree. This all needs to be corrected but Danny’s style of photography is created in part by his knowledge of post production. In his words ” Anyone can take a photo. The real art is in the post production”. He believes that you need to create the very best image possible at the time of capture but your job at that time is to compose your shot and expose it well. His creativity happens when he gets it onto the computer. He feels its 50/50 capture/post processing.

Can I have access to Danny's high resolution files?

No you cannot have any of Danny’s high resolution files for his landscape images. The only customers that have the opportunity to get a hold of high resolution images are Commercial customers. This is only because these customers are paying for Danny to capture a particular image for their own use.

Can I purchase Danny's Images as prints?

Yes you can indeed purchase Danny’s images as fine art prints. All you need to do click on the gallery tab and choose which gallery you would like to view. Once you choose your favourite image you can then purchase it straight from the online shopping cart located on the right of each image page.

Are Danny's Prints limited edition prints?

Some of Danny’s images are limited editions. Danny is very particular about which images make it into the limited edition gallery.

Can I learn to take photos like Danny?

Yes you can. You can go straight to the Private Lessons tab and  book in to do a 1-on-1 lesson with Danny. You can book a ½ day, full day or 2 day lesson with Danny. Just click HERE to find out more information.

Can I have my framed prints shipped anywhere in the world?

Yes you can have your fine art prints framed if you like. Just fill in the form located on each individual image pager that says framing inquiry or you can ask about framing on the form just to the right on this page. We can help you choose the right frame and give you a full quote including printing, framing and delivery usually within 48 hours.

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