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Check out what past students are saying about Danny’s groupe workshops and private lessons.

3 Hour Landscape Photography Workshop

Peter – Central Coast

 “Brilliant Workshop!! It was so helpful to have access to such an honest professional photographer to bounce ideas and questions off. he is so generous with his knowledge and time sharing from his excperience. thank you so much danny!!!.”

2 Day Photoshop Workshop

Marg – Central Coast

 “Thanks Danny for your awesome 2 day workshop, you are a great teacher, excellent content and I’ve come away feeling confident about Photoshop and can’t wait to use what you’ve taught me. Loved spending time with someone that truly loves photography. Keep doing what you do, you’re a natural talent.”

3 Hour Landscape Photography Workshop

Anthony – Central Coast

“Whether you’re a seasoned professional, Or first-time shooter hoping to learn the basics, Danny Irvine has the knowledge and teaching Skills to get you shooting, sharper, cleaner photos that will require less editing time, so you can spend more time shooting in The outdoors (or indoors). Highly recommended!”

2 Day Photoshop Workshop

Sonia – Sydney

 “Hi Danny, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the Photoshop Course. I was really impressed with the setup and thought the whole weekend was loads of fun. I learned heaps and it’s nice to understand Layers finally. Now I just need to find the patients to put it all into practice, as I have used Lightroom for so long, so the transition to PS will slow me down a lot. I know with practice though it will be worth it. ”

2 Day Landscape Photography Workshop

Anne – Central Coast

 “Thanks so much for a great weekend – really enjoyed your workshop and look forward to building on my fledgling skills. Really love your photography and the fact you so openly share your knowledge. Thanks again ”

3 Hour Landscape Photography Workshop

Eva – Central Coast

 “Thank you for the privilege of being part of your free photographic workshop, apart from being a relaxed atmosphere Danny was professional & informative. I LEARNT WHAT I CAME FOR AND MORE, MANY THANKS TO YOU

2 Day Photoshop Workshop

Cheryl – Queensland

“What a fantastic weekend. Personally, I was a bit concerned at how Danny would approach the workshop – how he would cater for beginners and the more advanced Photoshop users. Well, I need not of worried. Danny handled it beautifully. As a more experienced Photoshop user, I found the content interesting, learnt different ways to approach techniques and a few new tricks. Next to me was a new photoshop user – through a little help, he was able to pick up the steps relatively swiftly. This reinforced to me that this was indeed a workshop that had something for all levels of Photoshop users. On the last day some of us thought we would share some landscape photography at Shoal Point. Nature put on a lovely show for us, a beautiful way to end a fun-filled weekend”. Thanks, Danny  – you did it again!”

1 Day Private Photography Workshop

Johnathon – Brisbane

I found Danny’s 1-on-1 workshop absolutely fantastic.  Getting tips and suggestions from Danny on how to improve my shots and post-processing, along with suggestions on gear to add to my kit to take things to the next level was invaluable.  We spent several hours editing images we took at sunsrise and it was great to see what Danny’s approach to this is and how he achieves the finished product.  As a result of our day I will be making a few additions to my kit as well as incorporating some of Danny’s techniques into my post-processing workflow.  One of the most refreshing things about the day was Danny’s openness to discussing any aspect of photography whether it be the creative, technical, or business aspects.  This to me shows that Danny is confident in his own skills and is therefore not afraid to share his knowledge.  If you are considering a workshop I would highly recommend Danny as I’m sure you won’t regret it”.

1 Day Private Photography Workshop

Dale – Central Coast

“Danny’s 1-on-1 workshop really opened my eyes to the bits and bobs I’ve been missing with my photography over the past few years, specifically in post production work. I was shown techniques over a few hours in how to process an image from a raw file in Photoshop to the finished product including ways in which to organise files consistently. After we went out and took pictures while Danny explained the different settings and on site techniques used for getting a great image. Danny’s laid back approach to answering questions on every aspect of photography was a great help and the workshop has definitely opened my eyes. ”

2 Day Photoshop Workshop

Kim – Queensland

 “I attended a recent workshop and it was fantastic!! I was always scared of photoshop and thought it it was a program that was too in depth for me But after this workshop I now feel I’m confident enough to get in and edit my photos – if anyone  is considering attending one in the future, I would say just get in and do it, you won’t look back!!”

1 Day Private Photography Workshop

Clare – Central Coast

 “The one-on-one workshop with Danny was fantastic – he was able to tailor the day to suit my skill level and areas of interest.  Brilliant Photographer with so much knowledge to share!”

1 Day Private Photography Workshop

Andrew – Central Coast

 “I can highly recommend the workshops run by Danny Irvine. I enjoy my Landscape Photography and I had been wanting to attend a workshop for some time. When I saw that there was a 2 day workshop being run on the Central Coast where I live I decided this was the one. I had a look at Danny’s work and was impressed by the quality of his images. Danny’s teaching technique is great he takes the time to explain to everyone in attendance and understood that not everyone is on the same level. He demonstrated simple and easy methods to process the images so you can get the most out of your photos. He explained the settings and controls on the camera to take stunning Landscapes. How to compose the shot to add depth and interest. Danny also told us about his workflow, explaining ways to get the most out of the time you have to process your images. It was not just theory and photoshop either. We had 3 great practical shoots at various locations around the coast. All very photogenic places where he spent time with each of us showing us how to put the details explained earlier in the day to practical use. I considered myself a reasonable Landscape photographer, but after the workshop with Danny I could see many areas where my skills needed improvement. I now find after doing Danny’s workshop my photography has improved both capturing and processing the image. I have even applied the knowledge I gathered to improve the shots I had already taken with his Photoshop techniques. In short this is the best money I have spent on my photography in some time. He has inspired me to greater levels and I am starting to see that inspiration paying off in my images. Thank You Danny”

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