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Make sure that you register for our upcoming FREE Landscape Photography Workshops. There will be a limited number of places available on each workshop. Due to expected interest we will be using a lottery type process to selecet participants for each workshop.

Workshop Dates will be Sep 30th & Oct 7th

Why Am I Running These FREE Workshops?

The reason is simple, I love landscape photography and I love to share what I know. People always contact me with questions about all sorts of photography related topics. They want to know more about certain techniques to help them get better photos, they want to understand their camera more or they have questions about what camera gear they should purchase. I love receiving these emails and I’m always happy to share my knowledge with those willing to ask. I run full-day workshops and multi-day photo tours but I thought a great way to get people started is these 3-hour workshops that will cover broadly the questions that I find are on most peoples minds. I will run 2 workshops, the first of which will be in September and the second in October, There will be only 10 spots available in each workshop. Due to expected interest, I will draw the 10 names from the list of registered applicants one week before each workshop. I think that this is the fairest way to do it.

All you have to do to qualify is:

  • Fill out the form at the top of this page
  • Follow me on Instagram HERE
  • Like my Facebook page HERE

Here’s What You’ll Learn On The Workshop


Camera & Lense Selection


Setting Your Camera Up Right


Learn The Basics Of Exposure


Understanding Composition


Using Filters


Blending HDR Images


Panorama Stitching


Getting The Right Gear

“Sometimes it’s just easier to learn this stuff when you have someone showing you exactly what to do.”

Danny Irvine  

Here what previous workshop participants are saying

“What a fantastic weekend. Personally, I was a bit concerned at how Danny would approach the workshop – how he would cater for beginners and the more advanced participants. Well, I need not of worried. Danny handled it beautifully. As a more experienced participant, I found the content interesting, learnt different ways to approach techniques and a few new tricks. This reinforced to me that this was indeed a workshop that had something for all levels. The workshop wasa fun-filled weekend, Thanks, Danny !”

Cheryl - QLD

I found Danny’s workshop absolutely fantastic.  Getting tips and suggestions from Danny on how to improve my photography, along with suggestions on gear to add to my kit to take things to the next level was invaluable. I would highly recommend Danny as I’m sure you won’t regret it”.

Johnathon - Port Stephens

 “I can highly recommend the workshops run by Danny Irvine. I enjoy my Landscape Photography and I had been wanting to attend a workshop for quite some time. I had a look at Danny’s work online and was impressed by the quality of his images. Danny’s teaching technique is great as he takes the time to explain to everyone in attendance and he understood that not everyone is on the same level. I now find after doing Danny’s workshop that my photography has greatly improved. Thank You, Danny”

Andrew - NSW

“Thanks so much for a great weekend workshop – I really enjoyed your workshop and look forward to building on my fledgling skills. I really love your photography and the fact you so openly share your knowledge of everything photography related is fantastic. Thanks again, I look forward to doing another workshop in the future ”

Anne - Central Coast


You Could Win A Full Day 1- On - 1 Photoshop Workshop

Just by registering for this Free 3-Hour workshop you will go into a draw to win a full day (6 hours) Photoshop Workshop. You will get to see first hand how Danny uses this powerful post-production softwate to make his RAW images pop.

 “Hi Danny, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the Photoshop Course. I was really impressed with the setup and thought the whole weekend was loads of fun. I learned heaps and it’s nice to understand Layers finally. Now I just need to find the patients to put it all into practice, as I have used Lightroom for so long, so the transition to PS will slow me down a lot. I know with practice though it will most definitely be worth it”.

Sonia - Central Coast

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