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Bhutan Is The Land That Time Forgot.   

Bhutan truly is a beautiful place and one that should be on your bucket list if you love travel photography. Some people ask, “What is travel photography?” and I always think that this is a simple question to answer. Simply put, it is a genre of photography that may involve the documentation of an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs and history. And for those amateur photographers that love to travel, this is where you sit as a photographer. Bhutan has so much to offer the traveller. Beautiful landscapes, an abundance of wildlife, amazing culture, a new and exciting cuisine and let’s not forget the beautiful people. The country really does move at a different pace, and I think this is a huge part of what attracts people to the country. We travelled to Bhutan in November which is the perfect time of the year. The temperature can be a bit up and down depending on what part of the country you are in but it was never too cold or too hot to be uncomfortable. Altitude sickness is a factor that you have to take into consideration which is easy to do by chatting with your doctor before you leave. All in all, Bhutan is a great destination for photographers and I don’t believe that anyone could regret visiting such a place.

The Phobjikha Valley 

What a magnificent Country Bhutan is. There was such epic scenery in every direction. As we travelled around Bhutan we got to stay in various types of accommodation and the hotel in this photo which sits on the hillside to the right in the photo had the most spectacular view of all. It was amazing to wake up with such an amazing view. One thing that was really noticeable in Bhutan, was the silence. No bustling traffic and no buys city noise. It was definitely somewhere to go if you want to leave your hectic lifestyle behind you for a couple of weeks. Life really does move at a slower pace in Bhutan.

The Laye Monk 

On our travels through Bhutan, we met this very interesting man that had devoted his life to his religion as a laye monk. He spends all day every day sitting near the river and praying. He was very happy to meet us and to have his photo taken. We found the people of Bhutan to be very friendly and open to tourists visiting their country. They were always so happy to spend time with us and to share stories about their home and their customs. When travelling around Bhutan, you will be made to feel very welcome by the people.

The Novice Monks Of Bhutan 

Exploring the Dzong’s of Bhutan felt like such a privilege. The people are so friendly but timid at the same time. They are very happy for you to take their photo. After photographing this young novice monk as he strolled down a quiet hallway, he was so happy to sit with us as we showed him the photos we had taken. The smile on his face was priceless. The people of Bhutan are genuinely a very happy bunch. They really seem to enjoy the simple life even though the younger Bhutanese are starting to embrace the west. But for now, it is still a great honour for you son to be accept to train as a novice monk.

The Tigers Nest 

The Tigers Nest is a Dzong(Buddist Monastery) and it sits at 3,119 meters above sea level. It’s a 6.4 km round trip hike to see it and its worth every ounce of sweat. I have to say that it is one of the most exhausting things I have ever done. I was in terrible shape when I went to Bhutan and even though I was told that it was a hell of a hike to get to the Tigers Nest, I didn’t do any training to prepare myself. Let this be a warning to those intending to make the trek up the mountain, get yourself fit. Nobody goes to Bhutan without seeing The Tigers Nest. Make sure it’s on your list when you visit Bhutan.

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